Security, Privilege- & Patch Management

In recent years, security-related tasks, privilege management and patch management have become an increasingly large part of the tasklist of mr/mrs. sysadmin. As a result, an increasingly large proportion of administrative resources have been devoted to security-related tasks, such as patch management, fighting viruses and spyware, and controlling greynet applications (programs installed without corporate approval, such as instant messaging, file sharing programs, and RSS readers). With the increasing adoption of Windows 10, you are exposed to the hidden costs of Windows-as-a-service while managing your applications in an efficient way. 

Sessions at AppManagEvent will touch on this subject and some will explore more detail on techniques from the various leading vendors in this exciting industry. With this, you will see current status of the various techniques, future directions, how these fit in industry expected developments, pro's and con's which will help you to make strategic choices on your Security, privilege and patch management projects. Please consult the speaker abstracts to learn more.

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