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In 2012 the Dutch PowerShell User Group was founded by Jeff Wouters. He found other Dutch PowerShell enthousiasts (John van Leeuwen, Hans Oele) and together they are the driving force behind DuPSUG.
The variety of these focus areas enables for a wide scope in which PowerShell can be applied, as is shown in the blog posts, the forum and possibly some future events.

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Workplace Ninja User Group - Netherlands

This user group was founded in February 2013 as Windows Management User Group by IT Pro's with a passion for everything that has to do with managing Windows, but not limiting to Windows. Early 2021, we renamed our group to the Workplace Ninjas User Group in The Netherlands and be part of the broader WPNinja's all over EMEA.

Our goal is to provide a platform for IT-Pro's to share knowledge gain from the field and to share tips and tricks. This can be done via periodic physical meetups, virtual events, blogs or other channels. We want you to join us and take up the role within our User Group by sharing your knowledge with your peers from the community.

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