AppManagEvent on October 9th 2020 has been cancelled - let's meet in 2021 again !

May 7, 2020- Culemborg - The Netherlands.
Over the past few weeks we have closely monitored the global impact of the Coronavirus. Despite the fact that the Dutch Government Healthcare Center (RIVM) advised to cancel all meetings and events untill September 1st, we unfortunately had to decide to cancel the event on October 9, 2020.

The following considerations are made by us:

  • Firstly because the safety of all participants is most important
  • There are speakers and partners who are not allowed to travel at this time, due to corporate policy or national restrictions
  • We cannot give our visitors and sponsors any guarantee (anymore) regarding the quality of the content and scope of the event
  • No claim can be made by AppManagEvent on an insurance policy when we would cancel the event at a later time
  • AppManagEvent cannot organize the event without our partners, the measures taken around the Coronavirus are creating many uncertainties

We strongly believe that the in-person experience is invaluable for all participants which makes AppManagEvent a fantastic IT event since 2006. Because of this, we have decided not to switch to a virtual AppManagEvent and focus our efforts to a great edition in 2021. We will communicate the 2021 date as soon as the COVID-19 measurements are allowing us to organize the event again and will keep you up to date through our newsletter and social media.

Did you block AppManagEvent on October 9th in your agenda but you haven’t bought a ticket yet? Keep an eye on all messages for a new date. Please support the event by purchasing your entrance ticket when ticket sales re-opens. Attendees who already bought a 2020 ticket have received an email from us with more information.

We deeply regret that we have to take this decision, but we feel it is the only and right thing to do in this situation.

Finally we would like to thank our visitors, fans, our confirmed speakers and partners for their trust, loyalty and excitement around AppManagEvent: let’s plan on seeing each other in good health at the 2021 edition!
Thank you for your understanding and your support.

Stay safe and healthy!


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