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If you wish to become a partner for AppManagEvent, please contact us at: Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken. or call us on: +31 88 5588 400


Platinum Partner



Raynet GmbH is a leading and innovative service and solution provider in information technology and specialized in the architecture, implementation and operation of all tasks within "Application Lifecycle Management".

Raynet’s Headquarters is in Paderborn, Germany with additional locations throughout the region. Next to a growing specialized distribution network at locations around the world, Raynet has offices in the USA, Poland and the UK.

For 15+ years, Raynet has supported hundreds of customers and partners with its products and solutions for enterprise application management projects worldwide. These include license management, software packaging, software deployment, migrations and client engineering. Additionally, Raynet maintains and cultivates strong partnerships with leading companies in Application Lifecycle Management.

Raynet products and solutions are unique in design and functionality. Development is highly driven by our customers and partners who play a big role in the direction of our products and are a key reason why our products are always cutting edge. Whether you want to introduce a new deployment tool or to start a SAM project, whether you want to plan a packaging factory or manage an endpoint migration – Raynet is the choice for best-of-breed-practices in services, products, and solutions for Application Lifecycle Management.



Flexera Software helps application producers and enterprises increase application usage and security, enhancing the value they derive from their software. Our software licensing, compliance, cybersecurity and installation solutions are essential to ensure continuous software licensing compliance, optimized software investments and to future-proof businesses against the risks and costs of constantly changing technology. A marketplace leader for more than 25 years, 80,000+ customers turn to Flexera Software as a trusted and neutral source of knowledge and expertise and for the automation and intelligence designed into our products.



Professional Development Systems

Founded in 1989, Professional Development Systems b.v. (PDS) is the leading Benelux tool distributor & educational partner for packaging, virtualisation & workflow management tools.
With years of representation & training expertise in Wise Package Studio, ChangeBASE, AdminStudio and InstalllShield, in 2018 PDS represents the solutions from Flexera (AdminStudio, AppPortal, WFM and InstallShield), Raynet (RayPack Studio, Rayflow, SAMi), Avecto (Defendpoint), CrossMatch (DigitalPersona; MFA) and Setup Commander (silent switches for your application packages) for the Benelux region. Hosting unique IT Pro Speaker training on App-V, Security, Deployment and Powershell.

PDS proudly represents the licensing and solutions from these vendors to assist, as independent advisor, endusers and local (resell/implementation/knowledge) partners to create successfull projects in close partnership with "our" manufacturer. PDS is the founder of AppManagEvent since 2006.

Gold Partner


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Microsoft Corporation (MS) is an American multinational technology company with headquarters in Redmond, Washington. It develops, manufactures, licenses, supports and sells computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and related services.



 Avecto is an absolute innovator in endpoint security. Founded in 2008, the company exists to protect businesses from cyber attacks.
Its endpoint security software, Defendpoint, is a multi-layered prevention engine that stops malware at the endpoint. It takes a proactive approach, uniquely integrating core capabilities of privilege management and application whitelisting in one lightweight agent.
This proactive strategy is advocated by analysts, industry experts and security professionals alike.

  AppiXoft 2


Through our high-end User Workspace Management solution Scense, AppiXoft delivers dynamic applications in a personalized workspace to many thousands of satisfied users worldwide. By applying a virtual separation between the user, desktop and underlying operating system, we transform any complex distributed desktop environment into an easy to manage and transparent infrastructure. As Scense provides substantial flexibility and freedom to both regular and occasional IT users and, at the same time, allows IT administrators to stay fully in control, the solution ultimately results in happy faces on both sides.



Liquit is a Software development company based in the Netherlands. Our software solutions are designed to give the IT department easier ways to deliver IT resources to the end-users. Liquit Workspace combines Workspace Management, Automation and Service Catalog functionality. Gartner selected Liquit as a cool vendor in 2018! 

  Advanced Installer

Advanced Installer (Caphyon) 

Over the last 10+ years Caphyon has created software applications for developers or Internet professionals that are reliable, secure and easy to use. Advanced Installer is used for authoring MSI packages by a wide users range, from beginners to senior developers and system administrators. Fast and easy to use, it ensures a great ROI for your team as it reduces the time required to create setup packages, leaving more time for development.



Crossmatch is a world-wide leader in biometric identity and advanced authentication solutions. Our DigitalPersona mulitifactor authentication software delivers biometric, behavioral, risk-based, contextual, and traditional factors to meet any use case and application need. 

SILVER Partner 


AppDetails is an IT Pro software community created by Bob Kelly in the image of his original website. Its focus is on enterprise applications and the tools that manage them. It provides free recommendation services for those seeking application management solutions and services. It also features many valuable self-service resources including a fresh, new software tip repository, discussion forums, an industry event calendar and more.

  Axle IT

Axle IT

Specialist in the field of IT management and End-User Management

IT is everywhere, that is a fact. And it offers unprecedented opportunities. For example to achieve more efficiency in your administration and logistics and thus save costs. To serve your customers even better. To distinguish you in your market and explore new markets.

In short: with IT you can increase the success of your organization. A nice challenge that you also ask questions about mobility, security and management.

Then you need it an expert that offers clear answers and practical solutions. Who thinks and supports in the form of implementation, training and service. Flexible, result-oriented and transparent. Such a partner is Axle -IT .



Cloudhouse is the leading software vendor offering compatibility solutions for business applications to run on more secure platforms without projects incurring significant delays, risks and costs. With today’s businesses needing to accelerate their digital capabilities and go Evergreen, Cloudhouse Containers provide a unique solution to remove platform dependencies for applications on Windows and Citrix. Cloudhouse can help you transfer your entire application portfolio to the cloud using the Container’s redirection, isolation and compatibility engine. If you have deals that are blocked because your customer’s applications are incompatible with Windows 10, Office 365 or the cloud, Cloudhouse can help you unblock your deal.

 Media partner

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Techzine has it's main focus on the IT-professional and provides the latest tech-news and extended reviews. This focused strategy will help the IT-professional to make the correct desicion for soft- & hardware and complex IT-services. Techzine is especially there for the IT-Pro and the IT-fanatics!


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