Content & event partners will be presenting, demonstrating and sharing their vision, solution or technology. There are several interesting partner options to match your exposure possibilities and event presence.

If you wish to be a partner for AppManagEvent 2017 (Friday October 6!): please contact us by mail: Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken. or phone: +31 88 5588 400


Platinum Partner

Flexera Software

Flexera Software

Flexera Software helps application producers and enterprises increase application usage and security, enhancing the value they derive from their software. Our software licensing, compliance, cybersecurity and installation solutions are essential to ensure continuous software licensing compliance, optimized software investments and to future-proof businesses against the risks and costs of constantly changing technology. A marketplace leader for more than 25 years, 80,000+ customers turn to Flexera Software as a trusted and neutral source of knowledge and expertise and for the automation and intelligence designed into our products.

Raynet GmbH


Raynet GmbH is a leading and innovative service and solution provider in information technology and specialized in the architecture, implementation and operation of all tasks within "Application Lifecycle Management".

Raynet’s Headquarters is in Paderborn, Germany with additional locations throughout the region. Next to a growing specialized distribution network at locations around the world, Raynet has offices in the USA, Poland and the UK.

For 15+ years, Raynet has supported hundreds of customers and partners with its products and solutions for enterprise application management projects worldwide. These include license management, software packaging, software deployment, migrations, client engineering and much more. Additionally, Raynet maintains and cultivates strong partnerships with leading companies in Application Lifecycle Management.

Raynet products and solutions are unique in design and functionality. Development is highly driven by our customers and partners who play a big role in the direction of our products and are a key reason why our products are always cutting edge. Whether you want to introduce a new deployment tool or to start a SAM project, whether you want to plan a packaging factory or manage an endpoint migration – Raynet is the choice for best-of-breed-practices in services, products, and solutions for Application Lifecycle Management.

PDS LOGO pitch

Professional Development Systems

Founded in 1989, Professional Development Systems b.v. (PDS) is the leading Benelux tool distributor & educational partner for packaging, virtualisation & workflow management tools.
After years of representation & training expertise in Wise Package Studio, ChangeBASE, AdminStudio and InstalllShield, we represent the solutions from Flexera Software (AdminStudio Suite, AppPortal, WFM and InstallShield), Raynet (Packaging Suite, Rayflow, SAMi), Avecto (Defendpoint - manageable endpoint security) and Setup Commander (silent switches for your application packages) for the Benelux region.

PDS proudly represents the licensing and solutions from these vendors to assist, as independent advisor, endusers and local (resell/implementation/knowledge) partners to create successfull projects in close partnership with "our" manufacturer. PDS is the founder of AppManagEvent since 2006.


Gold Partner

 Setup-Commander-Logo-Transparant 180px

Setup Commander (ROVABU Software BV)

Setup Commander provides a new way of creating Applications for deployment in a simple and intuitive way. Creating Applications, finding and deploying installation parameters for software which needs to be deployed is one of the most time consuming and troublesome tasks that administrators must undertake to deploy Windows applications. Setup Commander lowers the cost associated with application management by automating the manual steps that have to be repeated for every new application.
VMware AirWatch

VMWare - Airwatch

VMware, a global leader in cloud infrastructure and business mobility, accelerates our customers’ digital transformation journey by enabling enterprises to master a software-defined approach to business and IT. With VMware solutions, organizations are creating exceptional experiences by mobilizing everything, responding faster to opportunities with modern data and apps hosted across hybrid clouds, and safeguarding customer trust with a defense-in-depth approach to cybersecurity. 



Matrix42 is a top provider of workspace management software. The company offers forward-thinking solutions for modern work environments under its 'Smarter workspace' motto.
Matrix42's products and solutions are designed to manage modern work environments simply and efficiently. Matrix42 focuses on user orientation, automation, and process optimization. The company's solutions meet the requirements of modern employees who want to work from any location using a wide range of devices, while also addressing the needs of IT departments and businesses.

Advanced Installer

Advanced Installer (Caphyon)

Over the last 10+ years Caphyon has created software applications for developers or Internet professionals that are reliable, secure and easy to use. Advanced Installer is used for authoring MSI packages by a wide users range, from beginners to senior developers and system administrators. Fast and easy to use, it ensures a great ROI for your team as it reduces the time required to create setup packages, leaving more time for development.

 WinC solutions

WiNC Solutions B.V.

WiNC Solutions provides application management solutions for enterprises on local and global scale. For the past 5 years, we have mastered full workplace implementations for large commercial companies and government organizations. This year, we started to deliver a unique product that will simplify application packaging for enterprises using agile (scrum) methods. “Package on Demand” is the worlds first App-V/MSI app-store solution which brings packaging for enterprises to the next stage.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Hewlett Packard has been in the innovation business for more than 75 years. Our vast intellectual property portfolio and global research and development capabilities are part of an innovation roadmap designed to help organizations of all sizes – from global enterprises to local startups – transition from traditional technology platforms to the IT systems of the future.




Avecto is an absolue innovator in endpoint security. Founded in 2008, the company exists to protect businesses from cyber attacks.
Its endpoint security software, Defendpoint, is a multi-layered prevention engine that stops malware at the endpoint. It takes a proactive approach, uniquely integrating three core capabilities of privilege management, application whitelisting and content isolation in one lightweight agent.
This proactive strategy is advocated by analysts, industry experts and security professionals alike.

SILVER Partner is the central global recognized portal to get certified in application re-packaging solutions AdminStudio & RayPack.
liquit logo


Liquit is a Software development company based in the Netherlands. Our software solutions are designed to give the IT department easier ways to deliver IT resources to the end-users. Liquit Workspace combines Workspace Management, Automation and Service Catalog functionality.


Infopulse is a trusted European provider of Software Engineering, IT Operations, Cyber Security, and Application Packaging services. The company produces next-generation software for application packaging and virtualization and operates one of the biggest packaging teams in Europe since 2005.

Provolve IT

Provolve IT

Provolve IT helps companies repackage, virtualize, migrate and deploy their critical business applications to the latest systems and methods. We achieve this by consulting on premise, providing skilled professionals on a temporary basis and creating software tools and systems to aid in this process. Provolve IT developed Easy Software Deployment: a fast, powerful and easy to use software deployment product for small to medium sized business. We would like to invite you to come by our stand and experience Easy Software Deployment for yourself!


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