Application Packaging & Application Virtualization

While AppManagEvent compromises many application related technical subjects; one of the fundamental topics of the event is Application Packaging.

The proces of standardizing applications into a standard manageable format for delivery on the target platform using Windows Installer technology but also application virtualization technologies. Application Packaging is still an art on it's own which requires specialized skills to generate quality application packages. The process & workflow from assess, intake, package, test and deploy requires a thorough understanding of the package engineer in 2019 and beyond. Integrated tools and techniques are essential to maintain a manageable application portfolio.

Application virtualization is software technology that encapsulates application software from the underlying operating system on which it is executed. A fully virtualized application is not installed in the traditional sense, although it is still executed as if it were. The application behaves at runtime like it is directly interfacing with the original operating system and all the resources managed by it, but can be isolated or sandboxed to varying degrees.

In this context, the term "virtualization" refers to the artifact being encapsulated (application), which is quite different to its meaning in hardware virtualization, where it refers to the artifact being abstracted (physical hardware). Assess, remediate, appcompat checks and virtualize are typical steps in the application virtualization process.

Sessions at AppManagEvent will touch on this subjects and some will explore more detail on application packaging & virtualization techniques from the various leading vendors in this exciting industry. With this, you will see current status of the various techniques, future directions, how these fit in industry expected developments, pro's and con's which will help you to make strategic choices on your application packaging & virtualization projects. Please consult the speaker abstracts to learn more.

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